Golf Cart Heater Review

A good golf heater should have user friendly controls within reach that can adjust the heat levels accordingly. Golf cart heaters can be either propane or electric. Propane heaters are comparatively compact and can sustain heat up to seven hours.

The propane fuel is kept in a small compressed tank. Fuel consumption is as low as 2 oz/hour. They can provide a regulated temperature in the cart, making it very comfortable. Electric golf cart heaters are fixed to the motor of the cart and they run on 48 or 36 volts. They are noiseless and don’t require any refueling. Although initially more expensive, electric golf cart heaters are less expensive to use as they do not require refueling.

Many brands have come up with cart heaters in various designs. They are multi-functional and can be used at various other locations like office, home etc than just your golf cart. The smaller heaters are generally metallic. Depending on your personal preferences, use and location you should choose the golf cart heater. If staying in a country with cold weather throughout the year an electric one would be more suitable for you.

Golf cart heaters have become very necessary with a golf cart. Cold weather can be a dampener in the golfing season. A suitable heater can make all the difference. There are brands available in the market offering very attractive warranty options too. Whichever option you finally choose, keep the safety matter always in mind. Propane is an extremely combustible gas and can cause explosion in case of leakage and electric motor can have short circuits. Safety measures have to be taken at all times to avoid any mishaps. A golf cart heater is an essential for any golfer. Make your golfing convenient, comfortable and memorable with the appropriate cart heater.